The Visitors

Above you

Well I donít believe in love anymore no I donít believe in you
After all it just let me down; I thought you set me free
But all the time it was me
No I donít believe in the devil at night, I donít believe heíll get me
And all this pain I call my right if I just let it be
All the time itís just me

When it all goes wrong, I have learnt to be strong. Above you
No I donít believe in love any more I canít be broken hearted
ĎCos when I lay down late at night, through the darkness I can see
All the time it was me.

And I used to need a church some place made of stone
Something to believe in a place to be alone
But I donít believe in love any more cos nothings gonna save me
The only thing that kept me down was when I failed to see
All the time it was me


Wooh, Hi. Another moment has arrived
The mountain I have climbed
Just to meet you eye to eye
And I just say hi
Why do I watch you pass me by
Iíve seen you and I hide
Behind my casual disguise
But please donít think me blind
Cos there are times
Iíve watched you in my mind
I think your fine
Like golden silken twine
Wrapped around my mind

So Iím resigned
To saying hi and bye
So desperate to pry
Into your heart and mind (repeat)

I Know

I donít know where to begin
In fact I donít know much of any thing
Did I reach you or did I just preach to you
I know that I just donít know

What I mean and what I say, can mean the world of difference
In this game of love that we play
Times I should have waited, Moments just too late and
Words that tried to reach you, Never got passed my lips
Or my heart. My lips never gave away my heart
I know that I just donít know

I was cool and in control, Whatís that you say
Should I have let myself fall?
No, make them wait for heaven,
Brush away commitment
God it feels so good to, stand alone at this bar
In this life, like I said before
This feeling is now my wife
I know that I just donít know

I just donít, I just donít, I just donít
I know

Sorry seem so pretty lame, I wonít name no names but I never let them in
And while I stand up here and waste my time
Theyíre are those out there who have the sense to find
A soul thatís warm and kind
Love sees all but I am blind
I know that I just donít know

I just donít, I just donít, I just donít
I know

The Kingdom of the Blind

And then you will be king if you keep turning your blind eye
We spent our money on shining things and listened to the bankers sigh
Though disconnected we still fly we know which way the weather lies
Broken all the lines that to us bind those living in the kingdom of the blind

I love the world I donít want to go and I really donít want to see
This space ship in a bottle, and the blind men looking at me
And in the morning curtains drawn, were standing either side of dawn
The sunís not in the sky though any more
† And the bottles smashed up-on the kitchen floor

And I love you and I love you all, I love the world, I donít want to fall
This kingdom come, thy will be done, the things you see when youíve no gun
By the stars the captain cries, there can be nothing on his mind
This Ice bergís been so very hard to find
We must be living in the kingdom of the blind

Weíll follow you to no where, cross the skies and far away
Tapping as we go we try to feel our way
Waiting to close the circle for this ship to run aground
And all the souls that we have left behind
Are living in the kingdom of the blind

Lifeís A Dream

Now Hayden donít go letting your hair down
and putting rings in your ears
living life in a new town
donít go missing for years
that's just this scene

Lifeís a dream
Its all but a dream
this is just another scene

And Livia she wonít sit at the table
donít like the the things that they chew
sheís in charge of the world now
but sheís waiting for you

To play your scene
Life's a dream
and this is but another scene

I dreamed the tallest tree had fallen
and I saw the men with the saw
now thereís a gap in the wall where they cut their hole
before they looked to me,
To play my scene

Now Baby she Ďs been keeping us waiting
mummyís tired and grumpy today
been like a whale for month
now sheís on her way
To play her scene

Life's a dream
and this is but another scene

ĎAll that we see or seem is but a dream within a dreamí

Morning After

And you know I sang all night
like some cat calling for love
I never thought it would ever end
Under these heavens above
And these sheets look like the Turin Shroud
our bodies pressed and wet
laughing and loving and crying aloud
you have to live to forget

This is the morning after
the day before
the morning after
the farthest shore
Was only a glass of champagne

We don't care about tomorrow
let those suckers take care of that
until we wake in the morning
and nothing takes care of that

(In the debris we canít see through this dust
and all the moneyís gone
and were left with this insatiable thirst
but were not the only ones)

Now empty bottles cover the bedroom floor
this place is such a mess
you cant even close the bedroom door
no time to get undressed
Get undressed!

Hello Moon

itís Been such a long time
and weíve all been so very far away
Iíve thought about you every single day
Iím glad your still mine
Iím glad you still shine (shine on)

And we Ďve come so vary far
I saw you shining from a distance like the prettiest star
Burning like the chords played on an old guitar
I thought you'd gone
I knew you were the only one. (for me)

and I dreamed I was on the surface of the moon oon oon
and I was looking up and all that I could see there was a you
In blue

So weíll be with you soon
Crashing on the surface of the moon
Iíll never leave you now I know that we are true
Iím true to you
la Lune

Out here in the dark
stumble under star light turning wheels around the spiral
and there's nothing here to pray to but this endless turning silence
so I sing a tune
for our lady La lune

Hello moon
turn these engines on
and weíll soon be gone
(In Tranquility sea where she waited for me)


Everything on Earth is me
As far as I can see
Please tell me who you am
and who is that other man?

Where are we now
and what on Earth are you?
Can you tell me who you am
...and who is that other man?

Where did this all start?
Whoís that on MySpace?
since weíve been apart
youíre from some other place

I only came to see
If youíre the same as me
What time do you leave?
Weíre only visitors


Rolled in blanket black
see the diamonds holding her back
turning ever slowly
She is the reason and the rhyme

and youíve watched her turn just this way
youíve watched her wane into another day
too far, far too far away
Her planetary solitude

sheís floating on a sigh
no matter how we try
This thing will never fly
to Venus

surrounds her like the night
the curtain draped over her might
but she keeps turning (its all right)
I want to land there beneath her

crawling on the surface how we do
riding on the hills above her too
pushing on into the valley of you
thereís nothing else to do

she on horizon

she is coming

oh my ga...

Save Me

Now I need this music to save me
only this moment is real
The rest of the time its just rhythm and rhyme
This is our last chance to feel

We spend all our money on shining things
wasting our time and the shame that that brings
Weíve prayed into space and the empty places
and heard as the echoes faded away

I have been trying to lose myself
But I can find nowhere to hide
and just when I think Iíve found somewhere new
the old man inside me has found it too

Iím In Love

Iím in Love, Iím in Love,
We are Fast
We are early and together
we always burn all night
Weíre never too tired to fight

Its starting again
Starting all over again

We are air
this skin and bone are all of me
and I will sleep so well tonight
I can wait for the light

Its starting again
Starting all over again

Iím in Love,
Iím in love with myself

If Lifeís a Dream
The sea canít roll us over
we can start to wake
over the sea

Its starting again
Starting all over again

Iím in Love,
Iím in love with myself

Under water across those hidden valleys
the dead are falling like snow
The prayers of sailors sinking
Ephemeral, the mind of the architect
something we all should know, we all should know.

We are light
we are one... with it all
we come into this day
to show you the way.
Show you the way

Iím in Love,
Iím in love with myself

Without You

Do I have to fall in love with you
Can I stand upon my own without you
Am I breathing on my own
Donít the notes make up a song
Can these words become a prayer
Are these words just here for you
For you, for you

Will you tell me what to wear again and again
Do I have to dye my hair and then pretend
Can I do this by myself will I need some strength and help
Do you hear this heart at all
Is my back still pressed against the wall
This wall, Break down this wall

Here with you, feels far from home
And looking down it looks so cold
Brace myself and start to fall, this kind of love will kill us all
So drop the act and let me go.

Do I have to fall in love with you
Do I have to fall in love with you
Shall I brave the day to day
Work it out another way
Keep my soul and still be true
Knowing who I am Iíll make it through without you without you

We broke down the walls without you
We fought for the cause without you
We wrote all the songs without you
To right all the wrongs without you
We felt all the pain without you
Weíve love lost & gained without you
We learnt how to give without you (We bent all the rules without you)?
But we canít seem to live without you. ( And suffered all the fools without you)?

All lyrics K Walsh except Hi, I Know and Without You, M Crook.